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ScotDIST: The Scottish Data-Intensive Science Triangle

About us

The people and institutions making up the ScotDIST data-intensive science centre.



The Scottish Data-Intensive Science Triangle, ScotDIST, is a partnership between the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St. Andrews to offer PhD studentships in data-instensive science.  It is funded by the Science & Technology Funding Council.

ScotDIST has strong connections with the Higgs Centre for Innovation.

Data-Intensive Science

Big Data is a key tool that physicists have to explore the frontiers of modern physics.  In astronomy, sky surveys like LSST will produce petabytes of image data which must be cross-correlated. In particle physics, whre the LHC is measuring quadrillions of particle collisions which must all be analyzed in parallel. And in nuclear physics, computational scattering problems are reaching new extremes of complexities.

Data-Intensive science is the application of data science, the computational and statistical study of large data sets, to scientific problems. PhD students at ScotDIST will research their chosen field with the tools of modern software development, high-performance computing, and machine learning.

Member Universities

At the University of Edinburgh, members of the School of Physics & Astronomy are members of ScotDIST. The UK Astronomy Technology Centre, based with the astronomy group at the Royal Observatory, is a partner organization.  The Higgs Centre for Innovation is also based on the same site.

In the University of Glasgow, ScotDIST is centered on the School of Physics & Astronomy, with training options in the School of Computing Science. The STFC-oriented research at Glasgow includes gravitational wave cosmology, particle physics at the LHC and elsewhere, hadron structure and spectroscopy, and solar physics.

At the University of St Andrews, members of the School of Physics & Astronomy are members of ScotDIST. Our Astronomy Group’s research covers a wide range of data-intensive observational and theoretical research ranging from exoplanet discovery and characterisation to large-scale star-formation simulations and cosmological surveys.


Contact details for individuals may be found on our contact page.

Director - Andy Lawrence

Director of Industrial Relations - Dr Joe Zuntz

For the University of Glasgow - Andy Buckley

For the University of St Andrews - Martin Dominik